Innovation and digital education in communities

We transform communities

We promote innovation and the social development of communities through digital education and Internet access. 


Get to know our educational platform

Our platform is called “PuntoWiFi”, in which the student has access to more than 10,000 videos of different classes with self-assessments.


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Being a volunteer is contributing your grain of sand in bringing quality education to marginalized communities


Our history and our team

Our mission is to bring education to highly marginalized areas that lack educational materials (books) and services such as the internet.

Kaanbal and its educational platform "Punto Wifi"

Today, Internet access is fundamental for social development. Unfortunately, the vast majority of highly marginalized areas do not have it.

Kaanbal solves this by implementing platforms called "Punto WiFi", which are practically a digital library with thousands of free educational content, which does not require Internet access for its operation. The user only needs any device with WiFi capability to connect, and browse the contents in a natural way, as if it were a web page.

Recent videos

Instalación Plataforma Educativa «Punto WiFi» – Col. Tres Reyes, Cancún


Punto WiFi – Plataforma Educativa – Nuevo Noh Bec, Playa del Carmen

"Let’s build a better world through education"

Transparency and accountability

We always work under the highest possible level of transparency, which is why we have a document of accountability that anybody can access and see how we make use of all the funds we receive through different donors.