Innovation and digital education in communities

How it works

Kaanbal is not an educational substitute; it does not take the place of teachers, it empowers them with better educational tools.

It is a digital library with educational work material that works as a complementary educational resource for educators, providing support and having a positive impact by providing valuable educational content for those who use the platform.

What degrees of study does Kaanbal cover?

Being an educational complement, Kaanbal does not present itself as an educational institution that covers academic plans and specific content by course or years of schooling, however it has modules: Collections of educational information that follow a theme, from health to computing or languages .

Kaanbal modules

They are collections of educational information that follow a theme, from health to computing or languages.

Among the modules is "KhanAcademy", a virtual academy that has divided the videos and educational material by grade so that it is appropriate according to the level of education that the user has. The content ranges from the first grade of primary school to the last semester of high school and material for university higher education levels.


Kaanbal Innovación Social produces a technological device called “Wifi Point”: A microcomputer that through free software with free content and educational material (Internet-in-a-Box®), creates a kind of freely consultable digital library. The server becomes a modem by connecting to an electronic device (cell phone or computer), creating its own wireless network and giving you access to a web page with all the material attached to the software.

Limitations of the Wifi point:

  • Maximum distance of 20 meters around.
  • 128 GB of information minimum and maximum
  • The content is limited to the capacity (128 gb)
  • The content is limited to copyright
  • You can only upload royalty-free content or through agreements with content creators who give access to their educational material.


Kaanbal creates "Wifi Point" and takes it to the communities. It is delivered to the beneficiary users of the device who must follow the following steps:

Step 1: Connect "Wifi Point" to the electric light. It waits between 1 and 2 minutes for it to turn on.

Step 2: The "Education for All" Wi-Fi network is searched for from the device to be used (cell phone or computer) and connected

Step 3: Open your preferred browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and enter any of these two addresses: “puntowifi.local” or “puntowifi.lan”

Step 4: You get access to the digital library and browse through the educational content